The K Word

There can be a distinct shuffling in the room when we mention the K word to any group of focused and driven business executives.  How does kindness have any place in a high-achieving, fast-paced business setting?

Turns out it sits right at the heart of any good business. That’s because there is a direct connection between kindness and ethical behaviour.

At this point, reputable businesses really start listening.  They are on high alert for practices which fall the wrong side of the ethical line, because of the financial and reputational consequences that can ensue.

Here’s why kindness as a mindset or behaviour matters: kindness has been identified as one of the core components of moral courage, and it is moral courage which is needed to act ethically as well as to confront unethical behaviours. Kindness, along with altruism and compassion, are strengths which focus leaders on the interests of others, and not as a means to an end.  This should put the K word on the map for any leader who wants to do good business.

You can read more about the kindness and moral courage work from Susan Harrington, P. Alex Linley and Nicola Garcea in their book ‘The Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology and Work’.

KineticFuture runs a highly successful programme called ‘Positive Leadership. Peak Performance’. It shows teams how to use a blend of positive psychology and neuroscience principles to solve their own business challenges.

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