Help! I’m on Video in Ten Minutes

If someone asked you to present on video in ten minutes what would you do? Imagine if you could smile and feel quietly confident.

Unfortunately, last minute preparation is a reality for leaders.

There just isn’t time in the day to prepare properly for every internal video.  Yet, unless you do a decent job, no one will listen.

We’ve attached a 7 minute Presentation Planner (pdf file) – a process that will help you prepare quickly.  Print it out in A3 so you can write on it.

This tool is used to support the clients we coach on video. It helps you create a mini communications strategy fast and puts you in a positive mindset for the task ahead.

There are also 3 emergency ideas that will help you right now if you are about to do a video take:

  1. Get over yourself.  Think about how you can help the audience with that video; not about how you will look or feel.
  2. Be clear on one key message only and just talk around that. Remember you are an expert.
  3. Treat the video as a conversation in a bar – just talk to the camera as if it is a real person.  Use your energy, passion and personality.

If you want to be good on video, get trained in advance so you can develop your own authentic style and then keep practising.  It will make you feel more confident under pressure and help you to inspire your team.

These techniques are taken from KineticFuture’s course, ‘Video Performance Coaching for Leaders’. Contact us to find out more.

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