Loneliness is a Management Issue

Who’s lonely at work in your business?  It’s easy to find out, say researchers.  Ask their colleagues, as they will invariably know.

And you should know too.  Because the first ever research study into loneliness at work confirms it reduces performance.

The solution is making sure they feel included and facilitating better relationships – both are good positive leadership practices.

How could you do this in your team?  It could be as simple as involving them in important projects, setting up a buddy system or encouraging your team to talk face to face more, not just via email.

The research showed lonely people at work may act as if they are positive but this isn’t true.  They are less emotionally committed to the organisation and effectively withdraw.  Their loneliness reduced performance in key areas: undertaking tasks, fulfilling team roles and relationships with others.

Source: Hakan Ozcelik and Sigal Barsade (2011).  Work Loneliness and Employee Performance.  Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.

The insights you’ll learn on our Positive Leadership course will help you boost the performance of your team and your own resilience.

Do contact us if you’d like to know more.

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