Music Motivates

How often do you use music in your presentations? A study has shown that listening to ‘peak emotional moments’ in music causes a release of dopamine into the brain.

Dopamine is behind many of our most sinful behaviours and secret cravings. It is lust, love, adultery, movement and addiction.  It also boosts motivation and a feeling of reward.

It’s a complex neurotransmitter; a chemical in your brain that is a big player for positive leadership.

As far back as 2001, Anne J Blood and Robert J Zatorre, a professor of neuroscience at The Montreal Neurological Institute, conducted studies revealing the effect of music on dopamine release.  They also did a study to mimic on-line music purchasing.  Neural activity in a reward related structure within the brain was directly proportional to the amount of money people were prepared to pay for the music.

So music that’s used to bring a relevant point in your presentation and that hits the spot for that audience could be very useful.  It could give the audience a dopamine hit; helping you to boost attention and motivation.

If you would like to know how to use positive psychology and neuroscience within your own presentations we can show you how – contact us today.

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