Dopamine Boosts Motivation

Dopamine is behind many of our most sinful behaviours and secret cravings. It is lust, love, adultery, motivation, attention, movement and addiction.

It’s a complex neurotransmitter; a chemical in your brain which is a big player in positive leadership.

It motivates us to take action towards goals and needs and gives a surge of reinforcing pleasure when we achieve them.  It even kicks in when we see the cue for something rewarding before it’s even happened.  Procrastination, self doubt and depression have been linked with low levels of dopamine.

Here are 3 quick ways you can boost dopamine as you lead:

  • Create goals with a series of little finishing lines rather than in one big one and then it’s crucial to celebrate.
  • Create new goals before achieving your current one so you don’t get a ‘dopamine hangover’.
  • Recognise the accomplishments of your team members – you’ll give them a dopamine hit and increase future motivation.

If you are interested in how to use the latest science and evidence of positive psychology and neuroscience in your daily work with customers or teams, please do ask us about our courses.  We also offer Leadership Meeting taster sessions to help you explore this fascinating new area.

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