Ten Positive Ways to Reduce Personal Anxiety and Fear

Scientists know how you can deliberately boost production of oxytocin in your brain to reduce personal anxiety and fear. You can also act in a way which will increase the oxytocin in others – your team, your boss or even your customers. Oxytocin supports ‘engagement’, relationships and trust and helps to mobilise action so it’s a useful place to focus.

Here are 10 scientifically backed activities for reducing anxiety and fear

  1. Sing, walk, listen to music, pat a dog
  2. Call someone you trust
  3. Aim for 8 hugs a day
  4. Think about someone you care deeply for
  5. Positive social interaction such as sharing a meal
  6. Use loving kindness meditation
  7. Give a gift
  8. Do exciting group activities – go on a roller coaster ride
  9. Behave kindly
  10. Deep breathing

Here are 5 ways to boost Oxytocin in others

  1. Discuss something you know they love
  2. Smile or recall humour
  3. Walking meetings in the sun
  4. Think compassionate thoughts about them
  5. Show kindness and consideration

This is an extract from our “Positive Leadership. Peak Performance course”.  It combines the latest evidence from positive psychology and neuroscience and applies them to practical business challenges. For more information please contact us.

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