Usain Bolt Gets Glasgow 2014 Jumping

Usain Bolt entertained the crowd before and after winning the 4 x 100m relay with Jamaica on Saturday night at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The Jamaican danced along to the crowd’s rendition of the Proclaimers hit ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ before donning a tartan bonnet and signing autographs for the delighted Hampden Park fans.  Watch the BBC Sport video on YouTube here.

This was great fun for the crowd but also a really effective way of revving up his team to win and make life tough for the competition. The Nigerian runner joined in the singing. The English guys stuck to the game plan, kept poker faced and managed to come second.

Bear in mind that Usain has his own problems right now.  He was plagued with injury before the games and received some media criticism for his supposed off track comments. This ‘fun stuff’ was a serious strategy for him.

So now, think about your own leadership. What are your personal and team strategies to get you into a positive mindset before that key meeting, pitch or presentation? Are they working? What changes do you need to make to achieve peak performance?

You may want a quiet, relaxed routine that gets everyone focussed. You might want to use humour.  You could remind individuals about their strengths, discuss something they love or do physical ‘power posing’ work. Your goal is to boost energy and positive emotions which broadens people’s performance, creativity and resilience for the task ahead.

Extracts from KineticFuture’s Positive Leadership. Peak Performance Course. Science shows that a positive practices approach to practical problems boosts sales, productivity and engagement.  For more information please contact us.

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