What a Great Start!

Why would a handsome man come onto the Ted Talk stage with an old cardboard box, sit on it and ask “What’s In the Box?”.

This is a fabulous example of a great ‘wow’ start to a presentation. Have a look at the video below and tell us what you think.

The presenter is Graham Hill and the subject is editing your life and less is more. The ‘wow’ is totally relevant to his story.

Work really hard on your own presentation start. Don’t just drift in or the audience’s attention will drift off. A ‘wow’ start makes you want to get out there to present and you get positive feedback from the audience early which boosts your confidence.

The subject of the talk is interesting and it demonstrates some useful presentation techniques in action.

  • His slides are highly visual and simple
  •  He uses metaphor well – “clear the arteries of our lives”
  •  He asks you to recall your own positive emotions of travel and being a student. This opens up the audience’s own ability to think and lower their defences to his message
  •  His message is crystal clear and he repeats it with an easy to remember symbol – less is more < = >
  •  From a performance point of view he starts well. His pace is easy to follow and his tone matches the sadness he feels looking at the world
  •  But then watch how he loses momentum half way through and you start to switch off.  At this point, he just needs to change pace a little and start to inject more energy and more positive emotion.   If he can end with strength this is what the audience will remember.  A great presentation.

If you would like to know how to use positive psychology and neuroscience within your own presentations we can show you how – contact us today.

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