Surprise Me

A mountain guide skiing the Vallée Blanche Glacier saw a man fall into a deep crevasse.  His party lowered down rescue ropes and pulleys into the ice to get him out.  But the man they pulled out was not the same man they’d seen falling in.  It was someone else who had fallen in earlier that day.

This is a story I heard yesterday and I’ll never forget. It was a great way for the Chamonix ski resort to tell people like me not to go to this amazing 20 mile long glacier without a guide.

Our brains love surprising stories, parables and rhymes. They help us remember and to pass on stories to others which reinforces the message again.

When you next present and you’re short of time ask yourself “How can I surprise the audience?”   It’s a fast way of adding some instant ‘kerpow’ to your presentation and helping them to remember your key message.

Think about what has been most memorable for you this week and why?  It’ll give you clues of how you can add impact to your own storytelling and presentation.

Was it a story as a warning of what not to do, an inspiring story of what’s possible, a David and Goliath incident, a personal experience story, a ridiculous factoid, a demonstration or something in the news that day?

In case you’re wondering, both men were rescued and came out of the glacier alive.

This is an extract from KineticFuture training course materials. ‘Power Pack Presentation Toolbox. How to generate impact in 7 quick steps’.

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