Star Wars Was Right

“Focus. Obi-Wan Kenobi. Your focus determines your reality,” said  Star Wars Jedi knight Qui-Gon Jinn.

Turns out the Jedi knights were right.

Neuroscience is now establishing that change happens from paying attention.  And these findings are helping leaders make change happen.

The question for leaders is how can I focus myself and my people on what is important and positive rather than other ‘noise’?

When you start to focus on something, your brain goes into synchrony, harnessing neurons across multiple regions working together as a unit. If you change what you pay attention to, it changes the brain.

Alterations in the brain circuitry can be seen within weeks on a brain scan. But if your brain is ‘noisy’, it affects the synchrony and so interferes with developmental change.

One of the sources of noise is a sense of threat. People who are in a resilient, psychologically safe work environment are able to focus more effectively.

Here are some easy things to do today to make that difference:

  • Take the time to use stories to help you communicate your point, not pure data
  • Actively look for the positives and opportunities
  • Celebrate strengths not weakness – write down your own on a regular basis and praise others today
  • Deal with that negative performance issues honestly and positively

Taken from “Positive Leadership. Peak Performance,” a new leadership course run by Kinetic Future.

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